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Everyone faces some kind of stress in the daily routine of life. Maybe you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work or your child picked up head lice from another student. Then there’s the stress from world events. The news and newspapers are filled with sadness and stories that can be unpleasant to read.

It is common knowledge that stress is bad for our health. It is especially dangerous when it last for a continuous period of time. It can increase your blood pressure. It lowers your immune system. Sleepless nights and lack of energy can also be caused by stress. Finding ways to relax is very important to help lower your chance of developing serious illnesses.

Humor can be a wonderful tension reducer. There is clinical proof that it is an effective remedy to help combat stress. It can be like taking a tranquilizer. It reduces approximately four of the neuroendocrine hormones that are connected with stress response. It can make you feel happy and relaxed by distracting you from negative emotions such as worry, anger and guilt. When you bring laughter into your life, it affects your body in the opposite way that stress does. Your blood pressure is reduced. Your immune system gets stronger. You sleep better and are more active.

Laughter is comparative to positive thinking. Both can help you free yourself from mental problems which would make you feel healthier. Laughter can be a powerful tool when it comes to healing our emotions.

One idea is to make an appointment with a laughter therapist. Laughter therapy is an alternative treatment to manage your stress levels. You are taught the many benefits of laughter. An example is to learn to laugh when things aren’t funny. If you are having distressing problems in your life, you can use laughter as a coping mechanism. Troubles seem to fade into the background when you are laughing. It is a way to help you feel more in control of your problems by lessening your feelings of helplessness.

There is another option besides seeing a therapist one on one. You can join a laughter therapy group. The fun thing about being in a group is when one person starts to laugh everyone usually follows.

There are a lot of ways to make yourself laugh besides going to a laugh therapy or group. Watching your pet play can be hilarious. Ferrets are funny in the way they jump around the floor like a boxer. Parrots can be taught to say all kinds of humorous things. The animal channel sometimes has animals doing all kinds of playful antics. You can sign up for newsletters that are filled with jokes and funny video clips. There are letters that send you a joke once a week or every day.

Movies that are comedies are great way to make you laugh. Old rerun shows like Lucille Ball and Bob Hope are extremely funny. You can also buy tapes or watch TV shows with comedians on them doing skits or routines.

Whatever method you choose to make you laugh will be good for your mental and physical health.